Untitled 4 - DONE!

So excited! Just sold this to one of my best friends and her fiance for their new home! I started working on a different piece for them and then the idea came to me for this one!

They love traveling and every picture of them is either on a beach, on a boat, or consisting of similar blues and tans. I wanted to use those colors as inspiration for this painting.  Once I got the basis of what I was doing, I added in some details that are prevalent in other works...

This is watercolor, so I love adding in the texture that cheesecloth provides. In addition, since I am a drawing FREAK I added in a lot of detail in the bottom and top of the painting with pen and pencil. I make these little abstract city-scapes and try to create these fictitious landscapes. 

A lot of my inspiration comes from just pure color and line quality but also plays on the beautiful lines seen in Shel Silverstein's drawings or other illustrations that share that simplicity.

I will also make a limited number of prints of this piece - so others can enjoy!